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Vendor Application Information

The Islands Folk Festival is a community-oriented, non-commercial event. Please note that participation in the Festival will be better rewarded if your motivation is from a desire to experience a wonderful weekend of great music, while generating revenue from sales.





A deposit of $150 must be received before an application can be processed. 

As soon as your electronic application has been sent, a deposit  should be sent

E-Transfer to

By cheque to the

Cowichan Folk Guild,
PO Box 802, Duncan,
BC, V9L 3Y1

or you can call the office to arrange for cash or debit payment.
(250) 748-3975

Information Booth

Information Booths are registered non-profit organizations with a public service to offer who do not sell any products as part of their purpose at the festival or at any other time.

Information booths are limited to two passes at $60.00 each

Booth Set-up

Craft Vendors price is for a 10 x 10 tent

Vendors are required to provide everything needed for booth set-up (your own tables, tents, chairs, power bars, extension cords, hoses, etc). There are no “reserved” spots, however, for returning Vendors, if you indicate you prefer the spot you had last year, we will do our best to accommodate you.

A Vendor Staff person will be at the front gate to get you into the set-up area. We will provide you with your wristbands, parking passes, etc.

Site Access & Parking

Full access set-up will be permitted on festival Friday, July 24, 2020 after 10:00 am, until 2:45 pm. As Providence Farm is a working operation, the ONLY exception to the Friday set up access, are some designated FOOD VENDOR TRAILERS which can arrive between 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm on Thursday, July 25, 2019 (with prior arrangement and approval of the Vendor Coordinator). Electrical power will be available after 5:00 pm Thursday for these Vendors.

Parking on-site is extremely limited and will be arranged with the Vendor Coordinator. Each Food Vendor will be given one free designated parking spot on-site for a private vehicle. Each Craft Vendor will be given one free parking pass for the public parking area. Extra vehicles must be parked in the regular, parking parking areas and regular parking fees apply to all extra vehicles.

If you need vehicle access on Saturday and/or Sunday to replenish supplies or stock you may do so until 9:45 a.m. Otherwise you must walk/carry your goods on site.

Vendors generally open shop when the gates open each day (3:00 pm Friday and 10 am on Saturday & Sunday). Music runs until midnight Friday and Saturday and 5:00 pm Sunday; Vendors close when they choose to.

Vendor Passes

Your fee includes two Vendor passes (one for the owner/operator and one for staff). Those two names will be provided to gate/security and only those people will have access to the site. If you will need more than two staff people, you must purchase Weekend Passes for the others, at a discounted rate of $60 each.

Our “Green” Strategy

The Cowichan Folk Guild and the Islands Folk Festival are committed to eliminating as much garbage on-site as possible. Vendors are asked to reduce potential garbage by only bringing items on-site that can be composted or recycled. With a wide range of waste diversion options and a little forethought, such as using ketchup and mustard bottles instead of single-serve disposable packets, we can avoid almost all potential garbage. Zero Waste is the ultimate goal.

There will be a series of strategically located “Recycling Centres” with four receptacles.  Vendors are required to utilize reusable, compostable or recyclable containers, dishes, utensils, (corn starch forks) cups, etc. Any material handed to a customer must be 100% compliant with reuse, recycle or compost policies. For example, products made of or containing Styrofoam are prohibited.

All food vendors must be prepared to provide proof of “Food Safe” certification along with your application.


Booth Infrastructure

Power is available for both lighting and appliances. You must supply a 100′ minimum #14 Gauge extension cord. Maximum electric power available is 30 amps per booth. Booth rental includes power for 4 x 60 watt bulbs. If you require extra power a $35.00 surcharge applies.

Operators using heat elements or open flame, etc. MUST have an appropriate fully charged extinguisher at their booth.

Fire regulations prohibit the use of candles.

Food Safety requirements must be met according the applicable regulations of the Central Vancouver Island Health Unit. A health officer will be on site to ensure compliance.

All food booths must have hot water capabilities.

A copy of approved health application must accompany each food booth application. Information & application forms are available at the Health Unit. (call 250-746-1414)

No pets are allowed on site.

Smoking is prohibited outside of the designated Smoking Areas. This will be strictly enforced to protect Providence Farm.

Thank you for your interest in the Islands Folk Festival.