Become A Volunteer

We are not currently recruiting general volunteers for the 2016 Festival.

We are however, looking for one coordinator - a Dining Room Coordinator who manages a serving staff of about 10 for meals for performers, coordinators and VIPs. Both positions require some direct experience and an ability to manage staff.

The Cowichan Folk Guild requires about 350 volunteers to help set up, run and tear down the Islands Folk Festival each year. Many of our volunteers return each year, but there are often openings for new volunteers.We also require volunteers for site cleanup and preparation the two Sundays prior to each festival. There are also specific set up requirements all day Thursday and Friday morning.

The festival hours are approximately 1:00pm to midnight Friday, 11:00am to midnight Saturday and 11:00am to 5:00pm Sunday. Some teams such as security provide 24 hour service so there may be shifts any time during the day or night.

Volunteers will be assigned to teams and may be assigned to work in different crews within a team to meet peak demand in those areas. Volunteers are normally expected to work at least twelve hours but may work more if they wish.

To manage this number of volunteers, we have about 30 teams, each run by a coordinator who organizes and manages each team to set up and work at the Islands Folk Festival. If you would like to be part of this wonderful community event, and have skills in any of the following areas: finance, cash handling, commercial food services, shuttle bus coordination, office administration, customer service, or organization in general, you can fill in an application form. 

Your application will be reviewed and you may be asked for additional information or to come for an interview. You will be notified by a Team Leader or Coordinator if your application has been accepted, at which time you will be asked to sign the Volunteer Waiver and the Code of Conduct. We will try to accommodate your preferences for team and hours when you are assigned, but operational needs may require you to work somewhere else.

For anyone who is not notified, we will keep your application on file for two years. Anyone who has applied and not been called after two festivals in a row will be removed from the data base and will need to re-apply if he/she wishes to volunteer in the future.


Click the icon to download the Code of Conduct.


Click on the icon to download an application form that can be filled in and mailed back to the office or once filled in, scanned and emailed back to the office.