Camping gates open to the public at 1:00 pm Friday July 20th. 

Site selection is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Entry to Main Festival site is at 3:00 pm Friday when the main gate opens.

This is to accommodate the Providence Farm programs which run until this time.


Camping Passes and Prices

For festival tickets and camping passes click on the Tickets icon ------------------------>

Tents Only – This pass allows one tent, with up to four people to camp. The pass is valid from 1:00 pm July 20 to 7:00 pm July 22. Price is $45 including GST.

Field Camping – If you are camping with a group that includes one or more RVs or trailers, or if you simply wish to tent in the RV area, you must purchase a Field Camping pass since you will occupy a space that would otherwise be occupied by an RV or trailer. Tenter's vehicles must be parked in the paid public parking area. Price is $60.00 including GST.

RVs, Campers or Trailers under 25 Feet – This pass allows one unit with up to four people. Camping will be in the Upper Field or the West Field. Separate tow vehicles must be parked in the paid public parking area. The pass is valid from 1:00 pm July 20 to 7:00 pm July 22. Price is $60.00 including GST.

Trailers or RVs 25 Feet or over – This pass allows one unit with up to four people. Camping will be in the Upper Field or the West Field. Separate tow vehicles must be parked in the paid public parking area. The pass is valid from 1:00 pm July 20 to 7:00 pm July 22. Price is $75.00 including GST.

Note: There are no electrical, waste disposal or water hookups provided.


Festival Security and camping crews will ask to see your camping pass and wristband before you are allowed to proceed to your camping area.

Your camping pass must be attached to your tent, trailer or RV and placed in a visible location at all times. Camping permits are numbered and non-transferable. If you plan to sleep in your vehicle/van, the fee is the same as an RV or trailer.

Flashlights – Remember to bring flashlights or headlamps so you can light your way after it gets dark. Campsites are situated in the forest, and in farm fields and pastures, so there is no electricity available. Walking in the dark is difficult without a flashlight to light your way and keep you safe from a misstep that may result in a fall.

Dropping Off and Parking

There is very limited space in the camping area. Vehicles must be moved immediately after dropping off people and equipment. Unattended vehicles may be towed.  A single entry parking pass may be issued with a paid camping pass.

Dropping off people and equipment should take no longer than 10 minutes, then the vehicle MUST be removed. Please be considerate of others waiting to get into the camping area. Do not plan on dropping off, then setting up camp before moving your vehicle.

There are no in/out driving privileges for any camping area vehicles. The only exception will be for emergencies. Once your vehicle is situated within a camping area it must remain there until your departure. Vehicles in public parking areas may be moved/used at any time.

A Free park and ride shuttle service is provided from offsite parking areas as well as locations throughout the Duncan area. See shuttle services, for information on routes and times.

Volunteer Camping

Approved Volunteer Camping is covered under a separate camping policy. Please contact your Team Coordinator(s) for your specific set up and camping guidelines. Volunteers wishing to camp in other areas must purchase a regular camping pass.

Camping Conduct

No fires or flames of any type allowed outside of a camper, trailer, or RV. No exceptions. This includes candles, propane campfires, barbecues, propane lanterns and camp stoves. 

Cooking is only permitted within fully enclosed RV or camping units. Camp stoves are prohibited in all other circumstances

No Glass or Bottles are allowed on the site. Use plastic or tin containers and wine boxes instead of bottles.

No pets except working guide dogs accompanying a disabled person are permitted on site. No exceptions.

No idling of vehicles.

Look After Your Children: We pride ourselves in providing a family experience. It is your responsibility to be aware of your child’s activities – this includes teenagers. Parents should know where their children are at all times.

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are allowed only in the Festival Beverage Garden and your campsite. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in any other location. No exceptions. Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages outside of the designated areas will be asked by security to cease and desist. A second violation will result in removal from the Festival.

Smoking is prohibited in campsites. No Exceptions. Providence Farm is a non-smoking property. During the Festival, there are six designated smoking areas. Anyone found smoking (including e-cigarettes) outside of a designated smoking area will be asked by security to cease and desist. A second violation will result in removal from the Festival. When smoking please use the designated receptacles.

Green Policy: The Festival is a zero waste event. Anything you bring in that cannot be recycled on site must go home with you.

Security Suggestions: Camping areas are patrolled but are not secured 24 hours per day. Please secure all valuables or leave them at home. Lock your vehicles. Store your coolers and other items in a secure location when you are not in your camping area. Islands Folk Festival will not be liable or responsible for lost or stolen property.

Noise: This is a family event, please be considerate of other campers when making merry after the music has finished for the day. There is a designated area for late night music.

Clean Up: Please clean your entire camping area before you leave.

Directions to the Islands Folk Festival

Our address is 1843 Tzouhalem Road Duncan, BC.

Take Trunk Road off the Island Highway and follow the signs to the Festival site. We have onsite public parking for $5 per entry. The traffic and parking crews will direct you to the location upon arrival at the Festival site.

All Folkfesters are encouraged to GO GREEN and use the shuttles!!

Thank you for your co-operation.