Become A Volunteer

We are currently looking for volunteers!  Many of our volunteers return each year, but we usually have a few openings for new volunteers. We also need people interested in billeting performers and crews for the weekend. The festival hours are approximately 1:00pm to midnight Friday, 11:00am to midnight Saturday and 11:00am to 5:00pm Sunday.

Volunteers are expected to contribute twelve hours but may work more if they wish. In return you will receive a weekend pass, parking and camping if you need it, light meals and snacks, but mostly the opportunity to enjoy a great weekend working alongside like-minded people who love to support our gem of a festival.


There are a few specific positions we are hoping to fill:
Team Lead - this is a critical position in the management of the 350 or so volunteers that set up, run and tear down the Islands Folk Festival. The festival volunteers are assigned to approximately 30 individual crews, each led by a coordinator and each having specific responsibilities relating to the festival.  As part of the overall managment of the volunteers, there are six Team Leads, each of which oversees 4-6 coordinators.  This is a management position to ensure that every coordinator gets the volunteers they need, that their overall tasks are completed on time, that any problems, issues, concerns coordinators have are dealt with in a timely manner. Each Team Lead also works closely with the Festival Committee Chair and other Team Leads to ensure consistent supervision and management throughout the preparation for the festival.

Team 5, which needs a Team Lead, consists of crews for Site Preparation (27 volunteers), the Green Team (22 volunteers); Sanitation (7 volunteers), Day Security (37 volunteers) and Signage (2 volunteers).  Each crew (except Signage, which has a coordinator only) has a coordinator and co-coordinator to manage the day to day activies of the crew as they prepare for the festival and carry out their responsibilities during the festival.

If you are interested in any of these specific positions, are up for a challenge and have an interest in or experience at the IFF or other similar volunteer-driven organization, fill in the application below, call the office or talk to one of our Board Members. Make sure that you identify your interest in this particular position.

As well, there may be openings on some of the other crews working at the festival this year.  Right now we are still looking for volunteers for security, green team, water, camping, merchandise, gate, info booth and site crews.

We will continue to update this page with more detail on which areas still need volunteers this year.